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SR Lite
For Individuals
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Great for delivery verification, portable crusher production tracking, and dispute resolution.

For individuals needing to measure free-standing stockpiles, 3,000 cubic metres / 4,000 cubic yards or less.

How it Works

Use the Stockpile Reports app to record the pile surface. A simple perimeter walk of your stockpile and you’re done.

Your measurement is uploaded and quickly processed in the cloud.

If you’re happy with the result, and ‘accept’ the measurement, your stockpile volume is displayed, along with 2D and 3D models, plus a video playback of your measurement.


Don’t Wait For a Measurement Crew, Do it Yourself!
You’ll be able to pull your iPhone out of your pocket, take a measurement in a couple minutes, and get your stockpile volume whenever you want. Results are generated quickly—usually before the time it takes for your measurement crew to even show up.
Quickly Resolve Billing, Payment, and Delivery Disputes, or Prevent Them From Happening in the First Place
With the detailed reports auto-generated from your measurement, you’ll have plenty of highly accurate data to prevent disputes from even happening.
Costs Next to Nothing
At 1/100th the cost of hiring a measurement crew, you’ll make the boss happy with all the money you’re saving!


Pile Volumes
Get your pile measurements in cubic meters or yards.
2D and 3D Pile Models
Get a 2D topographic visual of each measurement as well as an interactive 3D model.
Measurement Video Playback
Every measurement you take has a video playback feature so you can easily review how well you did and help remember the conditions and nuances of the stockpile.
Shareable PDFs
Share each of your measurements with whomever you like via the measurement detail share button.
Pile Location Map
Each one of your measurements automatically comes with its location on the map, so you can easily remember where your measurement was taken.
Comprehensive Help & Training
The Stockpile Reports iPhone app has a fantastic in-app tutorial and walk-through, giving you everything you need to be successful with measuring stockpiles.