Whether you're a multi-national corporation with thousands of stockpiles or a single-site operator with a few piles, there's no other stockpile inventory solution as fast, reliable, and precise as Stockpile Reports.

With Stockpile Reports you get:
  • Access to the Stockpile Reports Web Portal for tracking all your piles
  • Unlimited user accounts for everyone in your company
  • Unlimited installs of the Stockpile Reports iPhone app
  • Measure your piles as often as you want. No limits!

Stockpile Cap

$1,500 usd

$4,900 usd

$9,900 usd

Contact Us for a custom quote based on more than 100 piles.
Add-on Services

Flight Bundles:

With your Stockpile Reports subscription you can have our licensed drone pilots fly for you, saving you the time and cost of getting your own drone equipment, getting licensed, maintaining the equipment and software, and making the work of getting inventory done much more easy.


To order a drone flights bundle:

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$150,000/yr For Monthly Company-wide Effortless Inventory at 100 Sites

We are offering 1 company the opportunity to have us perform inventory counts at 100 locations every month for $150,000 a year. We fly the drones for you, making it nearly effortless for you. Detailed reports automatically show up each month, giving you the ability to focus on more important operation and production issues.

We welcome the opportunity to review the math in detail and compare this offer to your company using internal resources to buy drones, fly them, maintain them, and do all of the back-office work to make the auditors happy. We believe the economics at scale are quickly becoming undeniable.

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