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Ready to try Stockpile Reports yourself?
Try our service for one flight or one month and put it to the test. Use any combination of iPhones or drones—unlimited users, unlimited measurements.
Aerial Only
$ 99 ONE
One-time inventory report. We’ll send a pilot to your site and do a one-time 5-pile demo inventory.
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Aerial + Ground, 1-Month Trial
$ 150 / MO
One-month subscription to try Stockpile Reports with your own iPhones or drones.
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$99, One-time Aerial Inventory for Five Stockpiles
We’ll send a certified pilot to fly your site, and the next day we’ll walk through your results in a Data Review meeting, answering any questions you might have, helping you fine-tune your own process. You'll get a touch-free inventory measure for 5 piles on your site. Just schedule your flight and your Data Review Meeting.

  • Demo, inventory service, with a free drone flight at one site for 5 piles
  • Data Review Meeting to walk through your results
  • Verified inventory reporting for those 5 piles
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Aerial + Ground, 1-Month Trial
Sign up for 1 month of the Stockpile Reports service, and measure as often as you want with your drones and iPhones. We’ll get you up and running quickly with a kick-off/account set up meeting. Cancel at any time.

  • Online training on how to measure with the iPhone and/or drone
  • Unlimited User accounts, installs, iPhone & Drone measurements
  • 3rd-party verified inventory reporting for the number of piles you track
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